Season of Giving

This is it. ‘Tis the Season. What can you give that will be appreciated? Here are five suggestions for TRULY SHOWING YOU CARE. Gifts for every budget.

  • Give a HUG. Since COVID-19 mandated physical distancing, hugs have been hard to come by and so greatly needed.
  • Volunteer. Funds are challenged for so many, but time and effort is always welcome. Find a way to give back with virtual volunteering from your couch or in-person volunteering not just this season but every season.
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  • Give Thanks. A genuine thank you goes a very long way. Thank a neighbor, thank a friend, heck thank a stranger just because. Look for little things as well as big actions and be thankful for them.
  • Forgive. People acting out of fear and stress tend to hurt others. You may have been harmed emotionally, physically or in other ways. Can you forgive another? In this past few years of COVID-induced stress filled with agony and grief, conscious intention seems to have been thrown out the window for some. A bit of forgiveness can be truly healing.
  • Donate. Join our challenge of 50 for 5+/mo. Guardians Around The Earth will seed five native trees for every new monthly donor giving $5 or more who signs up by January 22, 2022. Sign up today by texting GATEGIVE to 44-321. Give in the name of another and honor that person with a generous contribution. THANK YOU!
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