Opening GATES for 15 Years!

#Open Your GATE Photo by Chanita Sykes

For 15 years your generosity has helped others. Join us as Guardians Around The Earth turns 15 during our 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Yep – 15 YEARS… Wow, time flies. We are scouring files, peeking into the past and compiling snapshots of what your donations accomplished in five year increments. Take a gander at the work you helped complete and the impact made one person at a time.

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GATE’s first 5 years (2006-2010) –

With merely 4 volunteers you reached:

  • over 300 families face-to-face and
  • countless more through published educational articles.

Impact Story from GATE’s first 5 Years – Changing little lives gives great rewards…

Stress in children negatively impacts a whole family.

Little R was an angry baby. Her scrunched face, loud cry at any provocation, flailing fists of fury and uncontrollable outbursts were her M.O. By crawling age, she took out her anger at any other child within reach. Not a great experience for her newest little sibling. R’s parents briefly glanced at GATE’s Stress Reduction info at a local event, but were interrupted by R’s tantrum. Then, a 30 second encounter R had with one key volunteer showed immediate calming in her. R laughed and her mother cried.

GATE worked with R weekly after that day in one-on-one sessions until she was nearly two years old. R learned and practiced simple breathing techniques, hand movements and other in the moment methods of stress reduction and self-calming. Her interaction with siblings and other children improved. Plus, Mom and Dad were overjoyed.

Photos by Karolina Grabowska

Little R was spotted recently at a soccer game. Now school aged and not so little, she was teaching a teammate to self-calm. She was heard saying “You’re angry! Suck in – Blow out…” R demonstrated simple techniques she learned years before to her friend.

GATE is a small organization. Though initial impact seems small, it ripples out to others – one child at a time. That’s what we do. You help us manifest butterfly effects that change the world.

GATE’s second 5 years (2011-2015) –

You helped GATE freely comfort and educate hundreds through:

  • 1050+ blog posts published at Every Stitch A Prayer.
  • 100 comfort quilts distributed at guilds, Project Linus and by global direct delivery.
  • end of life and writer’s workshops lead at community libraries.

Testimonials from GATE’s second 5 Years – Comforting those who comfort others…

MANDY’S STORY – “Thank You GATE! I knew when I reached out to you that I was losing my cancer battle and would leave my husband with 3 small children. I had no idea the comfort you would provide my family. Not only did you send a perfect quilt for each of my kids but you included one for my hospital bed. I was able to hold each child, wrap them in a quilt made just for them and tell them that it was a hug from me whenever they needed it. Thank you so much.” – Mandy.

MARK’S STORY – “I do alot for my family. Plus, I volunteer here in town with other Vets. I rely on my wheelchair but getting around gets hard. My wife takes part in GATE’s online support groups every week. Then, I was overwhelmed to get a beautiful quilt mailed from you. It fits perfect on my lap and doesn’t drag when I move around. Sometimes when I feel drained, I look down and think of the work that went into it, just for little ol’ me. It gives me strength to keep going, keep helping out where I can. Thank you so very much for your kindness.” – Mark.

GATE’s third 5 years (2016-2020) –

Hundreds of amazing supporters like you help GATE succeed – volunteers, donors, sponsors, class participants, blog readers, group members, event attenders, and more.

Caregiver Support Program reaches 1300+ individuals via outreach and blog posts.

Tree Force volunteers witness devastation in 2017 as Bark Beetles ravage area Pine Trees sparking re-seed agenda.

GATE’s Learning & Edu-Care Project begins focusing on youth:
bringing Wilderness Skills to the very young, and
adding early STEM activities for more children.

Volunteer Story from GATE’s recent 5 Years – Each helpful drop ripples into waves of change…

Pat’s Story – Pat O., an avid local volunteer, is GATE’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year. He’s served for years with Rose and Garden Society, Heritage League and managing Pioneer Cemetery’s graves of the unknown well before helping us at GATE.

Pat came to our Earth Day clean up with a request. Not able to work that day, he wanted an area assigned so he could clean it up in his leisure time. GATE offered a site needing ongoing maintenance since wind carries trash across farmlands to this stand of wild trees. Pat jumped at the chance to take on and tackle the task.

Pat did amazing work clearing mounds of garbage and even revisits the area to check on upkeep. GATE greatly thanks Pat for his outstanding achievements serving community.

Elaine’s Testimonial – Living with chronic illness is challenging, but needing to care for others on top of that can be overwhelming at best. One key GATE volunteer offers help and healing online through one-on-one contact and support group outreach. A few years ago Elaine met our volunteer in a facebook group and started one-on-one support. She cares for ailing parents and her children while trying to find ways to care for herself.

Elaine received GATE’s caregiver support services during pandemic years and beyond. Recently, Elaine sent a note of thanks. She provided insight on what GATE services and support have meant to her and her family.

“You taught me so much and helped me appreciate life on life’s terms. Your gift to me is priceless. You helped me reexamine myself, so I can face each day with courage and with as much love in my heart that I can muster. (GATE’s support) taught me the value of forgiveness and the depth and love of family and friendship. Thank You. ” – Elaine.

As always, GATE volunteers do not do our work for thanks. We do it to help others heal and grow. We believe each person who can lift their head from pain and breathe an air of relief is then able to give back more to others and to our planet. Help us help others.


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