Arbor Day

By Grace Colbert

Arbor Day is April 30th! Each year we take this special day to learn about, appreciate, and give back to trees. It’s a day to take part in your community and get involved with nature. Trees play a huge role in supporting life on Earth, and so we have a special day to celebrate them. 

Many people plant trees on Arbor Day. Planting trees is a great way to help the community and environment! But you can’t plant just any tree anywhere. Trees need the right environment so they can grow the best. Some trees need a hot, dry climate, other trees need colder, wet areas. Use this Right Tree, Right Place guide to help you figure out what tree grows best where you live, and how to do it safely.

After you plant a tree, you still need to take care of it! Like most plants, trees need the right soil, room to grow, good sunlight, and water. Check out this guide  for tips on how much to water and prune your tree to keep it healthy.

Here are other activities you can do this Arbor Day:


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