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Earth Day History – Ecology activism groundwork grew from repeat “smog episodes” during 1952-66 that killed thousands in London and New York. Britain set the first Clean Air Act in 1956. In 1962, Earth Day’s foundation was set when Silent Spring book by Rachel Carson exposed health challenges of DDT usage. Then in 1969, a massive oil spill off the central California Coast woke environmentalists into action. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin took action by promoting grassroots “teach-ins” on environment education. He asked that they be held on April 22, 1970. Over 20 million Americans participated in that 1st Earth Day. Within a year, U.S. politicians reacted by creating: Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Environmental Protection Agency, and Endangered Species Protection Act. The rest is herstory.

Night Lights

Read More About It – Blog posts HERE at The Earth Needs Love highlights global challenges now. Youth-led site posts current info on global environment, sustainability, water issues, climate challenges and more.

2021 Early Earth Week Fun

April 10th-21st Events

Cali Earth Week Fun

April 23-25 Activities in Central and SoCal

2021 Earth Day Action!

Global / National Virtual Events

  • Decolonizing Earth Day! A virtual event on Apr 23rd from 5-7p Central Time via Facebook & YouTube live by Mitig Nation and Family of Trees. Learn about tree care, soil health, planting, with live performances, panelists and more. (Mitig = Tree in Ojibwa) at:
  • 3-Days of Climate Change Action at:
  • Start off Apr 20th with: a virtual global youth climate summit during the day and a “We Shall Breathe” justice summit during the evening.
  • Join Apr 21st Global Educator Summit featuring multilingual teacher action / education.
  • April 22nd EARTH DAY LIVE – starts at Noon ET, a plethora of audio / visual activities. Enjoy performances, workshops and so much more.
  • Find hundreds of other events on the global earth day event map at:
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