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  • ECE and Early STEM Education Update

    When 2020 came to a close, we were able to reflect on its benefits and challenges. While GATE was challenged cancelling in-person early childhood educator seminars, the youth education community as a whole benefitted as more organizations offered online educator training. Teachers of the very young can now search online for #ECE Webinars and findContinue…

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  • Helping US Forests

    Our work supports organized forestry efforts worldwide. Efforts that can overwhelm those responsible such as the USDA Forest Service. However, private sector volunteers, and supporters like you, may have the answers that can help Keep America Beautiful. The below post by Andrew Avitt, USDA Forest Service, Office of Communications dated December 2020 can originally beContinue…

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  • Celebrating Trees

    By Grace Colbert Why should we celebrate trees? Take a look outside. Chances are, you can see a tree or two from your window! Trees are essential to life on Earth and are important for both humans and animals.  Perhaps most importantly, trees give off oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. We need oxygen toContinue…

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  • Joshing Joshua – Yucca Yucca

    Week One Featured Tree: Joshua Tree / Yucca brevifolia by Marisa Folse TREE ONE DATES: Post Selfie with Tree March 7-8 or April 1st to 7th. WIN $200: Take a selfie with featured tree during above-noted 2 days of Arbor Week or week of April Tree Hunt. Then post it using @guardiansaroundtheearth on Instagram orContinue…

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  • Oakie – Doakie!

    FEATURED NATIVE TREE: Central California OAK/Quercus photos and text by Marisa Folse TREE TWO: This week features not just any Oak tree but Interior Live or Valley Oaks. TREE TWO DATES: Post Selfie Pics March 9-10 or April 8th to 15th. WIN $200: Take a selfie with featured tree during above-noted 2 days of ArborContinue…

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  • Cottony Clouds

    TREE THREE: FEATURED NATIVE TREE: Cottonwood /Populus Fremontii TREE THREE DATES: Post Selfie Pics March 11-12 or April 15th to April 22nd WIN $200: Take a selfie with featured tree during above-noted 2 days of Arbor Week or in week of April Tree Hunt. Post using @guardiansaroundtheearth on Instagram or #OpenYourGATE on Facebook. Post allContinue…

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