Success Stories

Our services successfully make effective changes. Here are a few of our client stories. GATE builds love and respect for ourselves and our natural environment as a way to protect Earth in our future. Help us help Earth.


For youth – our environmental science and awareness sessions train protectors of future Earth.

For adult learners – very-low-cost early childhood educator seminars provide better understanding of STEM and Nature-based play.

MARY KATE’S STORY – “As a new preschool aid, I watched GATE’s teacher/toddler group lay on ground outside and stare at the sky. Marisa from GATE talked softly while pointing upward. What were they doing? Kids outside are supposed to run, ride bikes and swings.

Later, I attended GATE’s first early childhood education STEM seminar. I learned that cloud study was early engineering. I heard how talks with toddlers on altitude, wind patterns, and clouds forming, changing and fading offer cross-cutting STEM concepts. I suddenly had an AHA! moment! THAT was why they were lying on the ground before. I learned tons and will try new ideas with my students tomorrow. Thank You, Learning & Edu-Care Project.” – Mary Kate.


Nature immersive field trips and Nature-based experiences for all are offered to deepen connections and knowledge of our environment.

SARAH’S STORY – Sarah went on nature immersion outing with GATE from age 9 months and by age 18 months she proved to be a future environmentalist with strong Tree connections. During outings such as our Giant Sequoias group trip, Sarah often stopped to gather trash in Nature or stare at a particular tree for a long time.

She honed a natural tendency to halt approach toward distressed trees at their dripline without looking up, even when branches marking that line were over 50 feet above her head.

By 2 years of age, Sarah now names dozens of local trees, birds and animals. Plus, she shows strong interests in other sciences. Sarah’s love for Nature will last her lifetime.


Reducing stress and building life skills for caregivers supports effective family environments. This gives youth better growth and learning opportunities.

MANDY’S STORY – “Thank You GATE! I knew when I reached out to you that I was losing my cancer battle and would leave my husband with 3 small children. I had no idea the comfort you would provide my family. Not only did you send a perfect quilt for each of my kids but you included one for my hospital bed. I was able to hold each child, wrap them in a quilt made just for them and tell them that it was a hug from me whenever they needed it. Thank you so much.” – Mandy.

Follow up Gifts – Our Caregiver Support Program volunteers recognized after her death, Mandy’s children would eventually outgrow the small baby-themed quilts. Upon reaching teen years, their father received a package of 3 larger quilts with age-appropriate patterns and a note – “A Big Hug From Mom”.

Let’s build something together.

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