We’re better together.

Environment and Family are Key to Our Mission

Simply stated our mission is to support Guardians – helping families and offering environmental science education that promotes deep healing connections with Nature. OUR GOAL is to grow future environmentalists for Earth.

Our Work Grows Roots

Guardians Around The Earth (GATE) is a fully volunteer run 501c3 nonprofit agency founded in 2007. GATE services include: 1) environmental science awareness and early STEM education; 2) Nature conservation connections; and 3) family caregiver support. We connect people to natural environment by increasing early childhood education quality and building effective families.

THANK YOU for your Support –

An abundance of thanks to all 2021 GATE volunteers, GATEKeys and sustainable donors. YOU made it all possible. Thank you donors for being our rock and continued foundation of existence. Thank you TreeForce volunteers for your amazing service helping urban and wild trees. Thank you admin and media helpers for virtually keeping GATE up and running. Thanks to the businesses and organizations providing us ongoing assistance.

2021 (in picture perfect) Review…

As a year closes and a new one begins, lets glimpse some of our highlights. Here are some pictures showing what YOU HELPED GATE DO during 2021.

  • GATE reached out for 1st time on Facebook and YouTube. More to come.
  • TreeForce volunteers’ before and after tree care.
  • Learning & Edu-Care Project‘s education outreach.
  • Litter clean up helpers.
  • Hands on learning in Nature.
  • Click to look back into our past 15 years!
  • What’s next? – more early STEM, more damaged tree care, more caregiver support, more for our environment, our families and our future on Earth.

Take action today. Become a guardian of Earth with daily awareness and practice.

VOLUNTEER FROM YOUR COUCH! Got time? We need help. We added several online and work at home volunteer options. Click HERE and fill out form at bottom of page to find out how you can make an impact.

YOU are the change that makes us all great!

Make a difference! Pay it Forward! We will all be better for it.

We’re proud to be a part of the Kern and Los Angeles County communities, serving our friends and neighbors.

We Are a Stem for Future Branches

We are volunteer Guardians of Earth – teaching environmental science to improve sustainable conservation.

We are Guardians of youth – educating teachers, parents and others in early STEM to promote future environmentalists.

We are Guardians of family – supporting caregivers in a way that deepens healing connections with Nature, with humans and our Earth.

When people support one another, there’s no limit to what we can do.

We need your support — volunteer or donate today.

Where GATE funds go:

20% Environment Action and Education,

60% Direct Youth Education and Early STEM Labs,

10% Caregiver Support,

8% Program Outreach, and

2% Fees (bank, website, insur).

We are dedicated to ensuring  fund majority is directed toward service. Thus, GATE operates in a donated space with all board, support staff and educators as volunteers. (updated 11/2021)

Guardians Around The Earth is committed to transparency. We earned GuideStar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency so everyone can see our impact. “GuideStar is world’s largest source of info on nonprofits.” See GATE’s strategy, metrics and achievements on our nonprofit profile here: GuideStar.

Get in Touch

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