About Guardians Around The Earth

Guardians Around The Earth, a volunteer run 501c3 public charity, whose mission provides educational and support service to Guardians worldwide. Founded: 2007.

As a drop of water…

GATE started as a drop, an idea by Bellezza Squillace. She noticed those caring for others drained of energy. Stress decreased effectiveness. GATE was founded to help those who help others by fostering links with Nature.

Nature heals. Nature calms and rejuvenates the soul.

flowing to the ocean…

GATE co-founder Marisa Folse added another idea, a flow. If we teach proper care for our environment and start early, then we can build future environmentalists.

like water we support life.

GATE started with silent retreats offering full day respite to care providers. Services changed over time with volunteer driven focus. Covid-19 sharpened GATE efforts to personal sustainability and environmental care and education.

We define Guardians as those with a commitment and devotion to continued health and healing of our environment, community and family life.
Nature Nurtures Us

GATE’s overall focus is to promote deep healing connections with Nature through our educational and enrichment programs.  

Learning & Edu-Care Project (LEC) and the Natural Energy and Environment Program (run by Marisa Folse) provides wilderness science education and action. LEC provides:

  • early STEM education through
    • seminars for early childhood educators and parents,
    • preschool mobile science labs, and
    • hands on first STEM activities for youth.
  • Nature connections through
    • Nature immersive field trips,
    • environmental science classes, and
    • tree conservation / planting outings.

Caregiver Support and Stress Reduction Programs (run by Bellezza Squillace) offer personal sustainability and family effectiveness tools. GATE programs provide:

  • respite and family caregiver support through
    • stress relief education,
    • parenting skills info sharing,
    • comfort quilt and gift distributions.

Administrative oversight (provided by AJ Williams) keeps GATE’s tech, outreach and fiscal activities current. AJ also runs Life Skills and Empowerment Programs helping build ethical and intuitive survivors.

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