Top 23 Acts (to do from home) to Conserve Earth!

This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest in Our Planet. You can invest time, energy, resources or funds to make our global environment better. For the next 60 days until Earth Day spread the word and as MJ says: Make That Change. Here’s a list to make the greatest positive impact on our globe. SomeContinue reading “Top 23 Acts (to do from home) to Conserve Earth!”

It’s gettin’ hot in here…

 Global warming is now irreversible. Human impact has pushed sea temps to its highest in over 100,000 years. Some homes and cities are underwater while others burn. This is a global crisis, bt each of us are part of the solution. Take action within your own home and neighborhood to spread the word and makeContinue reading “It’s gettin’ hot in here…”

Guerilla Gardens and Food Forests

by Marisa Folse – Guardians Around The Earth South Central LA is growing food in a former food desert. Nearly ten years ago, Ron Finley inspired others into “guerilla gardening“, a pop-up style of bloom where your planted mentality. As a result of this and other guerilla gardeners, vast food deserts across the country shrankContinue reading “Guerilla Gardens and Food Forests”

Pining Away 4U!

The pine stays green in Winter… wisdom in hardship. Norman Douglas TREE FOUR: With all the different Pines in our global environment, here is featured the amazing Ponderosa. FEATURED NATIVE TREE: Ponderosa Pine / Pinus Ponderosa Tree Four Dates: Post Selfie with Tree March 13-14 or April 23rd to 29th. PINE TREE FACTS! Ponderosa PineContinue reading “Pining Away 4U!”