Plastic Poison

Plastic is everywhere. It’s been discovered in the air we breathe, in water we drink, inside animals, even in our own bodies. What is this poison doing to us and how can we stop this polymer madness?

A recent study shows only 20 companies produce OVER HALF of the world’s single-use plastic. Single-use accounts for a third of plastic produced annually and are those used once then thrown out, obviously. Yet those are what most likely ends up in our oceans wrecking havoc with environment and wildlife.

Sadly, nearly all single-use plastics are made without any recycled material. Even more sadly (and of course), the cause of our current global crisis is all about money. Large polymer producers are funded by global institution investors, big bank and corporate lenders. All large cogs moving a mighty machine and the individual investors are not aware of their contribution to all of this. Individuals like me! I discovered companies on the list that I financially supported (or benefitted from in retirement portfolio). Yep, I’m appalled at my lack of knowledge!

Now What!?!

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Find Out More – Research where your money goes and change it. (I’m looking into how I can, today.) If you’re not invested – talk to your parents, your friend’s parents, your boss. Let them know about companies listed.

Speak Up – write to decision makers and call for action. Talk to little decision makers like the supply purchaser at your favorite take out place! Ask for cardboard, waxed-paper or a discount if you bring your own container.

Decrease Use – Look at your trash, is it filled with plastic? You can decrease that footprint with smart purchasing choices. Look before you buy – is another option in sustainable packaging? Does it even need packaging? You’ll unwrap it at home, so why buy it wrapped at all!

Buy BulkHERE is a site that lists bulk groceries in the US. Okay, realistically COVID-19, forced bulk items into plastic storage. Soooo… not sure how long until that changes. Now you can choose to buy items that are NOT individually wrapped. Teach your kids about sustainability – let ’em pack lunch/snack using paper or a reusable bento box.

Use Alternatives – Before plastic took over our lives use of pottery, ceramics, stainless steel, wood, bamboo and even glass did everything. If you use store provided bags, ask for paper and add it to compost after use.

You Are Part of the Solution!

Act Now to Restore Earth.


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